Investing in Futures (moremore/iif.html)
Deck of cards, world-building workshops, and artworks
Collaborators: More&More Unlimited (an Illogistics Company™)
(Surya Mattu, Sarah Rothberg, Marina Zurkow)
Developed in part through LMCC’s Process Space residency on Governor’s Island

Project website: Investing in Futures (on Kickstarter)
Investing in Futures is a project that helps you imagine future worlds—wild, impractical, idyllic, and utopian—and what it would be like to live in them. The project includes a deck of playing cards that can be used in world-building workshops (by yourself or facilitated by us), and artworks that we produce using the cards. Some of the futures inspired by the Investing in Futures deck may be possible and others may seem insane. (The world we already live in, in reality, is insane and would be hard to invent.)
More&More Unlimited (an Illogistics Company™) has conducted workshops since the 2016 election at NADA Art Fair, in our Brooklyn studio, and at colleges and conferences (University of Rochester, Haverford, and New York University). In February 2017 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. We are now focusing our attention on new uses for Investing in Futures, including a Futures cookbook and An Archive of Parallel Futures.

Design Your Own Utopia (Or Dystopia), April Joyner,, 2016