Crucible for crumpling and folding


Archival print on Tesuki-Washi Echizen
38 x 26 in / 96.5 x 66 cm
Edition of 3

The Crucible series urges a conversation between individual and global moments, touching on intimate aspects of this relationship. The porous connection between a lived experience to the far-reaching environment is portrayed through domestic, material manifestations. The artist’s own souvenirs, inherited objects, and hand-built ceramics interface with instances of environmental disaster and geo-planetary disruption. Crucible for crumpling and folding uses NASA’s image Argentina’s
Talampya Natural Park, a region known for fossils from the Triassic Period. A stone souvenir from Hampi, India, a dead tick, a Japanese Netsuke rabbit, and a gifted Chinese bowl interface as a mysterious amalgamation on top of the landscape.