June 15, 2012


Drove the long way up from Silver City today, past Glenwood,  Reserve, and Aragon again. Nice to feel some familiarity with the terrain, and even some of the mercantile community. I’m very grateful how open people are, and they make time.

Drove by the Very Large Array, and then tried to high tail it up here.
I’m staying at the Monterey Non-Smokers Hotel (? !) on Route 66. Right near the old town. Totally tourist. But whatever.  Nice and slow.. it was 100 degrees. Shady plaza, more super friendly people. It was a relief to walk around after hours and hours in the car.

Tonight I took a back street to get back to the motel from Garcia‘s where I ate tamales. I ended up walking along the edge of a private golf course. Before I really processed it, the cold (actually wet and frigid!) air that floated off the green green grass, and the smell of earth crept toward me; I swooned. It was almost revolting, after 15 days in the desert. Sprinklers on high, rows and rows of them. All I can think of is draining water tables and drying rivers (I’ve been a water waster by habit). Between that and the motel’s azure kidney-shaped pool, I  had body shock (not culture shock, I’m not that dramatic).