May 13, 2009

Animals Roam the Streets of NYC


This in May 9, 2009, from the New York Times, courtesy Una Chaudhuri:

The history of animal escapes in New York City, collected in the archives of the city’s newspapers, reads like a feeding schedule at the Bronx Zoo — elephants, horses, wolves, bulls, monkeys, bears, goats, lions, deer and a six-foot boa constrictor named Minnie (captured in 1937 in Brooklyn)…

The tales of loose animals are odd little reminders of a lost era of the city, when there were monkey fanciers on the Lower East Side (loose monkey, July 1937) and when the site of the Hippodrome, now a sleek office building in Midtown with the same name, was home to a footloose elephant with a knack for the bass drum.

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And this photo of Lucky Lady is from a 2007 escape in the Bronx, found in this article found on Associated Content.

NYC's Wild Kingdom
Lucky Lady (photo from AP)

The lamb was just 7 months old and was on an escape attempt from a nearby market where live animals are sold eventually ending up as food. This little lamb’s escape plan has worked and instead of her sad fate will now head to her new home in upstate New York where she will live on a sanctuary.