February 25, 2021

Environmental / Social Reproduction Theory

Can we tease out ways in which the environment is a part of (social) reproduction theory: what in the environment provides the conditions for production, and is generally ignored or theoretically suppressed?
– equitable access to what we get “for free” such as clean water and air
– knowledge of complex systems (not ecosystem services, irreducible only to $$ metrics)
– what i’ll call “bounce:” What’s good for the shorebird is good for the human.
– metabolic flows (cf Hanna Landecker in this video interview). We (the multispecies “we”) are interwoven with pollutants; they have metabolic consequences — endocrine disruption for instance – across species.
– what would it mean for workers (multispecies) to be in solidarity?

Criteria for the possibility of a multispecies solidarity
– What is a multispecies politic?
– Can we organize?
– What are we struggling for?
– What is equity? Do we have shared values, or tolerance for differing values?
– How do multiple species participate within this form of solidarity?
– What does multispecies participation look like