February 13, 2013

Latour Litanizer; collusions waiting to happen or already in progress

From Ian Bogost:

 I use “ontography” in a different way than Harman does in the forthcoming L’Object Quadruple: by ontography, I mean the techniques that reveal objects’ existence and relation.

There is an automated “litanizer” he created using Wikipedia’s random page API on the post here.


Here are a few I generated and liked:

Up the Long LadderDrumming outA Nice Place to VisitThomas Lamont

Suhua HighwayErie AirportJoseph CarlebachWOBO,Michael Noonan (linguist)List of national vegetation classification systems

The branched palmyra treeClaude-François Lysarde de RadonvilliersAlbert SalaWilliam Walker (engraver born 1791)FK ŽelezničarWGPL, Lexington

Splint (medicine)Nick MorrisPiazza del CampoWest Smithfield, North CarolinaCo-promotionRaise (Lake District)ArthroschistaPort of Portland (Oregon)