November 1, 2020

Market-Based Solutions, Nordhaus, Just Transition

  1. Acid rain is still a major problem in China, India. Does acid rain have global effects?
  2. Now that regulations have eased on the US, is acid rain on the rise?
  3. Is there any discussion of global governance around climate change and environmental degradation, pollution? Do conventions have adequate (or any) effect? What is the incentive for compliance?

A Just Transition requires solutions that ensure the well-being of workers and communities; address racial, economic and gender injustice; protect our health, environment and climate; and create meaningful, good jobs and a thriving and sustainable economy.

Inspiring work enumerated in this site, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth:

  • In 2013, KFTC members identified the following principles for a just transition:
  • Improve the quality of life for people and communities affected by economic disruption, environmental damage, and inequality
  • Foster inclusion, participation and collaboration
  • Generate good, stable and meaningful jobs and broad, fair access to them
  • Promote innovation, self-reliance and broadly held local wealth
  • Protect and restore public health and environment    
  • Respect the past while strengthening communities and culture
  • Consider the effects of decisions on future generations

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