December 5, 2010

Midland College / PPDC Courses fall 2010

CO2 SCHOOL (Jointly sponsored by APTA and Midland College’s PPDC) Register Now
(PTRT 1091)Class will be held January 2011!
January 24 – 27, 2011
Course# G094 102Q

Monday – Thursday

Location: Midland College PPDC Building, 105 W. Illinois Ave. (Midland, Texas)
Fee: $1,895; Out of State $1,920 (The fee covers the following: Course Instruction, Course Materials and One-Day Field Trip).
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
3.2 CEU’s
Instructors: Stephen Melzer; Robert Trentham, Ph.D.; Robert D. Kiker

Day One: Overview of the Elements of CO2 Flooding

  • The History and Current Status of CO2 Flooding
  • CO2 Sources, Natural and Anthropogenic (Man-Made), and the Properties of CO2
  • The Convergence of Carbon Management and CO2 EOR
  • CO2 Transportation and Injection – Pipelines, Trucking, Metering
  • Reservoir Response – Miscible, Immiscible, Gravity Stable, Processing Rates, Examples
  • CO2 Recycling, Plants & Processing – Dehydration, Sulfur/NGL Separation, Compression
  • Downhole and Wellsite Equipment Needs
  • Key Elements of Reservoir Geology
  • Overview: The Business of CO2

Day Two: Evaluating a Candidate Flood, Reservoir Response and Flood Operations

  • Flood Prospects: The Initial Evaluation and the Concept of Screening
  • Flow Units and Reservoir Compartmentalization
  • Modeling the Reservoir and Waterflood Response – Sweep Efficiency Concepts and Rules of Thumb
  • Geophysical Techniques
  • Normalizing Flood Response – Actual Examples
  • CO2 Flood Response Modeling Techniques
  • Economic Modeling
  • Key Features of CO2 Flood Operations
  • Downhole Considerations
  • Operational Features Peculiar to CO2 – Beyond Waterflooding
  • Surveillance and Flood Monitoring

Day Three: CO2 Facilities and Field Trip

  • Dehydration Processes
  • Compression Facilities
  • Sulfur Removal
  • Natural Gas Liquids Removal
  • Integrated Plants
  • Full Stream (Gas) Reinjection
  • Field Visit to a CO2 Flood and Facility
  • Tour of CO2 Production and Injection Facilities
  • Tour of Recycle/Processing Facilities

Day Four: CO2 Production and The Business of CO2 Flooding

  • Land/Mineral Considerations
  • Longevity of Example Floods
  • Reservoir Processing Rates and Rates of Return
  • Major Elements of Costs/Revenue
  • Parametric Sensitivities
  • Fundamentals of CO2 Supply Contracts
  • Course Discussion and Evaluations