June 23, 2016

Some Demographics for the Different Neighborhoods Surrounding Newtown Creek




D33- Levin

White, non-hispanic: 76.9%
Black, non-hispanic: 1.2%
Asian, non-hispanic: 4.9%
Other, non-hispanic: 0.6%
2 or more, non-hispanic: 1.7%
Hispanic/Latinx: 14.7%

Median Age: 34

Median Household Income: 45k

Employment Breakdown
White Collar: 62%
Blue Collar: 38%

Bachelor’s or higher: 51%
Did not attain HS diploma: 19%

Interesting Points:

  • Provost St borders the wastewater treatment facility, a number of blocks adjacent to Provost are home to scrap, auto, trucking, other business-to-business industries.


East Williamsburg

D34, Reynoso

White, non-hispanic: 43.1%
Black, non-hispanic: 9.3%
Asian, non-hispanic: 12.7%
Other, non-hispanic: 0.5%
2 or more, non-hispanic: 1.6%
Hispanic/Latinx: 32.7%

Median Age: 32

Median Household Income: 44k

Employment Breakdown
White Collar: 70%
Blue Collar: 30%

Bachelor’s or higher: 19%
Did not attain HS diploma: 47%

Interesting Points:

  • Borinquen Plaza I and II and Hylan are three NYCHA housing projects along Flushing Ave, with a pocket of unemployment in those neighborhoods.
  • Cooper Park is a public park and housing project in Northern Williamsburg, ~7 south of the QBE
  • Most of the properties bordering the creek (north of Meeker) are non-residential, business-to-business wholesale and processing, fabrication businesses.
  • Access to the creekside is very difficult from Williamsburg.


Hunters Point-Sunnyside-West Maspeth, Queens

D26, van Bramer

White, non-hispanic: 35.4%
Black, non-hispanic: 2.5%
Asian, non-hispanic: 24.3%
Other, non-hispanic: 0.8%
2 or more, non-hispanic: 2.1%
Hispanic/Latinx: 34.8%

Median Age: 35

Median Household Income: 56k

Employment Breakdown
White Collar: 62%
Blue Collar: 38%

Bachelor’s or higher: ~41%
Did not attain HS diploma: ~27%
(made of avgs of three different neighborhoods, may vary)

Interesting Points:

  • Heavy development in the Court Square of Sunnyside, Hunters Point.