March 29, 2021

The Language of Union Demands

I am looking for sample language to compose #MSU demands. What is the formal rhetorical style? What is the format? Is it like this?

Unions for All means doing four things:

  1. Bring employers, workers and government together at industry-wide bargaining tables to negotiate wages, benefits, and working conditions.
  2. Establish the National Labor Relations Act as the floor rather than the ceiling for laws governing worker organizing, allowing states and cities to empower workers to join together in a union beyond the limits of federal law.
  3. Ensure that every public dollar is used to create good, union jobs and that every federal worker and contractor makes at least $15 an hour and has the opportunity to join a union.
  4. Put good union jobs at the center of any major economic proposal, such as Healthcare for All or the Green New Deal.

Just transition language:

(Just Transition Center report): At its heart just transition requires us to leave no one behind.
– For coal and oil communities, community renewal with investment in new energy, new industries and new jobs is vital.
– For cities, investment in low and zero emissions transport, clean energy and circular economy are the way forward.
– For industry, switching to renewable energy must be supplemented with clean industrial processes.
– For workers, collective bargaining ensures that essential support is there for reskilling and redeployment.
– And, for governments and their leaders, just transition offers the opportunity to solve three key challenges at once: Climate change, growing inequality and social inclusion.

It would also be great to create our own map like this one: