Select Lectures, Hybrid Events, Workshops & Panels


Investing in Futures workshop, Scripps Oceanographic Institute

Investing in Futures workshop, The New School, Media Studies

Toxic Progeny & The Ends of the Ocean, Marina Zurkow, Heather Davis, Anna Rose Hopkins, EFA Project Studio
Penn State, Anderson Lecture Series

Boil the Ocean, ICA San Diego


Dear Climate, podcast, Multispecies Worldbuilding Lab

Creative Evolutions: Artist Roles in Reimagining the Social, Creative Capital, with Kenneth Bailey and Tiago Gualberto (link)

Greening Public Art, Madison Square Park Conservancy, with Una Chaudhuri

Ocean Commons, TBA21 Ocean/Uni talk with Philip Steinberg

The Fur that Jams the Social Gears, Arizona State University, Desert Humanities (link)


Extinction Holiday Salon, Hovey Brock (lnk)

A Monument to All Species panel moderator, NYU Abu Dhabi (link)

Boil the Ocean! EcoCultureLab’s Earth Week, University of Vermont


MoMA R&D Salon 32: Plastics (link)


Environmental Art: Re-Imagining Art, Science, and the Humanities, NYU Center for
the Humanities

Convening on Food Justice, Center for the Advancement of Public Action, Bennington College

Energy, Climate Action Lab, CUNY Grad Center


Investing in Futures workshop, SLSA conference, ASU Phoenix, AZ

Imagined Futures for a Hotter Planet panel, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Investing in Futures workshop, Haverford College, PA

Investing in Futures workshop, U of Rochester, NY

Investing in Futures, workshop at NADA Art Fair, New York

Care as Culture panel, Queens Museum of Art, organized by Mierle Laderman Ukeles and Prerana Reddy


The Earth, NYU Inaugural interdisciplinary faculty panels

Workshops for Making the Best of It: Dandelion, U of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Spilling Over: New York 2050, eyebeam, NY

Strong Voices Impacting Change, Women’s National Book Association, Pace University, NY

A Rogue Frequency: Punctum at the New School, NY
An Introduction to A View From The Cloud, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Streaming Museum and World Council of Peoples for the United Nations

Taking the Climate Personally, Cross-Tisch, New York University, NY
MFA Visual Studies Guest Lecture, Pacific Northwest College of Art Portland, OR
Art Seed, Dorset, VT
After Extinction, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dear Climate, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE


On the Beach: Precariousness, Risk, Forms of Life, Affinity, and Play at the Edge of the World, Babel Working Group, Santa Barbara, CA 

Portland’s Terroir, Illahee, Portland Oregon


Leaky Ecosystems, CENHS (Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences), Rice University

Immortal Plastics, POSTNATURAL, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Notre Dame
Gila 2.0: Warding off the Wolf, Talk and Workshop with Christie Leece, The Endeavor: Consortium on Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research, Arizona State University
Art and Disaster: Marina Zurkow and Jacques Servin/The Yes Men,
“Public Forum Series on Sandy” Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU, NY

Keynote, The Haunting: Challenging Our Environmental Relations, “Sensing Environments” Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY

Keynote, Friends and Enemies, “Thinking Interspecies” Miami University, Ohio

Panel, The Digitization of the Art World, ArtTable, SVA Theater, NY


Artist Lecture, Intimacy, Agency, Change, Pratt DDA Lecture Series 

Artist Lecture, Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM 

Panel, Buddhism and the Non-Human, Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) 

Artist Lecture, MassArt, Boston, MA

Artist Lecture, Microscopic Sacred Cows, PNCA, Portland, OR

Metamorphs: Artists Spin Science, with Jane Marching and Brandon Ballengée, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Artist Lecture, Flaherty Film Seminar, 92Y, NY 


The Cute, The Bad, and The Ugly, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ (talk and tasting of invasive species, with Chef Gene Rurka)

Visiting Artist Lecture, Montclair State University, New Jersey

Visiting Artist Lecture, SUNY Albany, NY


The Future is Now, Making Art/Thinking Ecology, Artist Lecture, NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, UAE

Artist Presentation, Digital Arts @ Google, NY

Apocalypse Now, panel moderator, Women and Their Work, Austin, Texas

Visiting Artist Lecture, Neuberger Museum, SUNY Purchase, NY

Visiting Artist Lecture, Bennington College


MOVE conference, AIGA, NY

Jihui Salon, curated by Christiane Paul

Bennington College, Sarah Lawrence College, FACT UK, School of Visual Arts


PDPal, Banff Centre for the Arts: Wireless Workshop 

PDPal, Transmediale, Berlin

PDPal, Doors of Perception, Amsterdam

Artificial Stupidity, Banff Centre for the Arts

BLUR02 conference, The New School, NY

Interactive Screen, Banff Center for the Arts

Animutations, Rotterdam Film Festival


Web Animation, Museum of the Moving Image

Avatar, Avatar, Banff Centre for the Arts


Lyotard and Critical Practice
Kiff Bamford and Margret Grebowicz, eds. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2022

Animal Revolution
Ron Broglio, illustrations by Marina Zurkow, U of Minnesota Press, 2022

Monument to Habitat Island
Zurkow and Nancy Nowacek, eds. 2020

Indicators: Artists on Climate Change
Storm King Art Center, 2018

A Guide to the Harmonized System
Marina Zurkow; Chris Piuma, ed. Punctum Books, 2016

More&More (The Invisible Oceans)
Marina Zurkow, Kathleen Forde; Chris Piuma, eds. Punctum Books, 2016

Frances Bartkowski, Elena Glasberg & Taylor Black, eds. Women’s Studies Quarterly, 2016

Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies
Heather Davis & Etienne Turpin, eds. Ann Arbor: Michigan Publishing/Open Humanities Press, 2015

Technology and the Garden
Michael G. Lee, Kenneth I. Helphand, eds. Dumbarton Oaks, 2014

The Petroleum Manga
Marina Zurkow, Valerie Vogrin, eds. Peanut Books, 2014

Representations of the Landscape
Diana Balmori, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2013

Readings in Performance and Ecology
Una Chaudhuri, Arons/May eds. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Antarctica as Cultural Critique
Elena Glasberg, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

To Life! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet
Linda Weintraub, University of California Press, 2012

Jasbir Puar, Patricia Clough, eds, Women’s Studies Quarterly, 2012

The Deliverance of Others
David Palumbo-Liu, Duke University Press Books 2012

Context Providers
Margot Lovejoy, Christiane Paul, Victoria Vesna, eds. Intellect Books, pub. 2011

Red Hot: Asian Art Today
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2007

Else/where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories
Janet Abrams and Peter Hall, eds. University of Minnesota Design Institute, 2005

Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age
Margot Lovejoy, Routledge, 2004

Marina Zurkow
Michael Connor, ed. FACT, 2004

Los Logos
Gestalten Verlag, 2002

Flash Frames
Billboard, 2002

The Education of an E-Designer
Steve Heller ed. Allworth Press, 2001

Gestalten Verlag, 2001

Shift Japan, 1999



“The Ocean, a Backdrop Against Which Exploitation and Pleasure Unfold,” Elizabeth Rooklidge, Hyperallergic (link)

“NYC Exhibition Invites Viewers to Go for a Nap,” Louis Bury, Hyperallergic (link)


“Species Suicide Notes: Narrating Climate Crisis, Hope, and Irony,” Kristen Cardon, Environmental Humanities (link)


“Art, Tech and the Environment,” Bloomberg Art + Technology, season 3, Ep 5 parts 1-3 (link)

“Digital Meditations on Water,” Louis Bury, Hyperallergic (link

“Sarah Rothberg And Marina Zurkow’s Aquacentric Worldview Gets Tangled In Tech,” Rob Arcand, Art in America (link)

“Strangeness and Beauty: Dear Climate,” Louis Bury, BOMB Magazine (link)


“12 Artists on: Climate Change,” Zoë Lescaze, New York Times, 2018 (link)

“How Record Heat Wreaked Havoc on Four Continents,” Somini Sengupta, New York Times, 2018 (link)

“The Ghosts of Our Future Climate,” Louis Bury, Hyperallergic, 2018 (link)

“Artists on climate change: exhibition tackling a global crisis,” Nadja Sayej, The Guardian, 2018 (link)

“Radical women and climate change: what to expect from the US art world in 2018,” Nadja Sayej, The Guardian, 2018 (link)

 “Climate Change? There are Emojis for That,” Jan O’Brien, Yale Climate Connections, 2018 (link)

“Anxious About Climate Change? There’s a Cow-farting-methane Emoji for That,” Allyson Chiu, Washington Post, 2018 (link)

“What Kind of Emoji Do You Need to Talk About Climate Change?” Alessandra Potenza, The Verge, 2018 (link)

“These Climate Change Emojis are Peak 2018” Yessenia Funes, Earther, 2018 (link

“Climojies: Snowflake Demanding New ‘Climate Change Emojis’ to Text About Global Warming,” Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, 2018 (link)

“Feel Like the World is Ending? Climate Change Emoji are Here to Help,” Sydney Pereira, Newsweek, 2018 (link)


“These Nine Artists Will Help You Understand the Future of the Planet,” Jackie Mansky,
Smithsonian Magazine, 2017 (link)

“7 Audio Journeys That Let You Escape New York While Walking Its Streets,”
Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, July 2017 (link)

The Inaugural Triennial on New York’s Waterways Drops Anchor,” Allison Meier,
Hyperallergic, July 2017 (link)

“An Audio Tour Dredges Up the Dark Ecology of NYC’s Newtown Creek,”
Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, July 2017 (link)
“Design Your Own Utopia (or Dystopia) with this Card Game on Kickstarter,”
April Joyner,, 2017

“Understanding the Building Blocks of Our Machine World with Art,”
Roddy Shrock, Hyperallergic, 2017(link)


“Ethics, Ecology and the Future: Art and Design Face the Anthropocene,” Kayla Anderson, MU, 2016 (link)

“Rice’s solar-charged FotoFest installations stir up a storm,” Molly Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, 2016 (link)
“An Artist Navigates the Capitalist Code of Shipping,” Ben Sutton, Hyperallergic, March 2016 (link)

“Everything and More&More – Marina Zurkow and Rachel Rose,” Dylan Shenker, Creative Applications Network, March 2016 (link)


“Dear Climate is a playful yet dark invitation to meet climate change,” Margaret Badore, Treehugger, Sept 2014

“Dear Climate, How do I Love Thee?” Tonight at Dawn, Sept 2014

Awesome ‘Dear Climate’ Posters Help You Meet, Befriend, and Become Climate Change,” Kate Good, One Green Planet, Sept 2014

“Artist Brings Complex Issues to the Table,” M Glentzer, Houston Chronicle, March 28, 2014

“MashMedia,” Amy Taubin, Artforum, Feb 2014 (link)


“Marina Zurkow’s Epigenetic Landscapes,” Susan Squier, O-Zone: A Journal of Object-Oriented Studies Issue 1: Object/Ecology (Autumn 2013) (link)
“Heraldic Crests for Invasive Species: American Bullfrog,” Lapham’s Quarterly, Spring 2013

“The Open: Mediating the Human and Non-Human Interface,” Andrea Polli, XSEAD, 2013

“Gila 2.0: Warding Off the Wolf,” C. Leece and M. Zurkow, ARID Journal, 2013


“Black Gold: Petroleum By-products Fuel Marina Zurkow’s Provocative Necrocracy,” Joseph Campana, Houston Culture Map, March 2012

“Marina Zurkow,” Rachel Hooper, Might Be Good, April 2012

“Queering the Green Man, Reframing the Garden,” Una Chaudhuri, Scapegoat Journal (link)

“The Birdwatchers,” Chloé Rossetti, 


“Theatre of Species,” Una Chaudhuri, Dunbarton Oaks“An Uncomfortably Small, and Shrinking, World,” Martha Schwendener, NY Times, Nov 18, 2011“Marina Zurkow turns Animal Animations into Unpredictable Visual Form,” Dan Bischoff, The Star Ledger, Sept 25, 2011

“Marina Zurkow” Katy Gray, Bomb Blog, May 12, 2011


“An Elegy and Siren for the Gulf,” Andrea Mellard, Gulf Coast Winter/Spring 2011

“Crossing the Waters,” Michael Connor

“Elixir III,” Sarah Cook

“Marina Zurkow: Slurb,” Megan Voeller


“Un-Performing Zoögeopathology,” Una Chaudhuri


“Back from the Brink,” Amy Taubin, Film Comment, March/April 2008


“Pop Songs (and Popsicles) with a Bullet,” Ross Tuttle, L.A. Weekly, September 14-20, 2007

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“Hotel Rooms Become Overnight Stars” Linda Yablonsky, NY Times, July 8, 2007

“How a Solitary Poet of the Past Speaks to 10 Artists of Today” Martha Schwendener, 

NY Times, March 9, 2007

“Works That Speak Volumes in a 19th Century Poet’s Voice” Benjamin Genocchio, 

NY Times, March 18, 2007


“San Jose’s Missing Soul,” Peter Hall, Metropolis Magazine, November 2006

“Marina Zurkow,” John Devine, Art Papers, May/June 2006

“Marina Zurkow,” Jennifer Davy, art US, May – June 2006

“RES10,” Lisa Delgado, RES Magazine, Vol9 No 2, 2006

“Never Land,” Houston Press, February 2006

“The Front Row,” KUHF Radio, February 2006


“Eddo Stern, Marina Zurkow,” Arts Monthly, February 2005

“Marina Zurkow, Eddo Stern,” The Guardian, January 15 2005


“Fair Game and Fantasy” The Independent, December 2004

“Animator Draws on Life” Liverpool Daily Post, December 10 2004

“Copy It, Steal It, Share It, at Borusan Art Gallery,” Art Asia Pacific, Winter 2004


“Rebuild Times Square, block by block on your PDA,” Time Out NY, November 2003 

“Sim City,” Readymade, Fall 2003

“Deafening Dissonance,” ArtsEditor, September 2003 

“Learning to Love HAL,” The Boston Phoenix, September 2003 

“Site Seeing: the Hybrid Art of Marina Zurkow,” The Independent, March 2003


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Nash (Ukraine), Spring 2001


“Braingirlitude,” ArtByte, Summer 2000

“Braingirl,” Holly Willis, Res Magazine, Autumn 2000