150 Media Stream

150 Media Stream


3 minute video loop, sound

Sound by Scott Reitherman.
Animation assistance: Ewan Creed.

Commissioned by 150 Media Stream, Chicago IL.


On view Oct 2021 – Jan 2022, OOzy #2: like oil and water was conformed for a 16K screen in the lobby of 150 Riverside, Chicago.

OOzy #2: like oil and water brings into view a sensual—but harsh—mix of kelp, marine organisms, human aquanauts, mermaids, plastics, and oil, who cycle and snake through the 150 Media Stream along the riverside.

An ocean is not a body—and it is. It is also a shipping superhighway; a resource for food and minerals, and rare earth; a space of mystery, adventure, fantasy, dream, and myth; a space to be mapped, measured, and known; and “Earth’s” greatest engine—that maintains, reflects and affects the regulatory systems of the planet.