A Guide to the Harmonized System

A Guide to the Harmonized System is an experimental “brick” of a book that intervenes in the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (also known as the HS Code). The HS Code is the internationally accepted standard of product classification, which codifies the way nations conduct import/export. All legal trade products (and illegal ones that find loopholes) are shipped using this system. More&More (A Guide to the Harmonized System) lists the astonishing variety of items that are shipped around the world, and includes instructions for using the code to ship items (both legally and illegally).

Tucked into the alphabetically sorted 26,000 lines of code are approximated 100 poetic, personal, and scholarly annotations that are focused on ocean-related entries.

Bookending this marvelous list, the reader will find tips on starting a global shipping business, and on how to use the Harmonized System Tariff Code for less straightforward, probably nefarious, purposes.