Climate Jeopardy


Cardboard, paint

In collaboration with Abigail Simon

Presented at the Woodstock Farm Festival, New York

A fun, non-didactic participatory engagement “where nobody wins.”
Our goal: to engage people in thinking about climate related issues both from their own position and others’ positions, in order to talk not only about the issues but also about why some might resist, what are ways forward in this conversation?

Participants were invited to self-identify with a position on climate change which appeared on the wheel on the right. They then were asked to answer a hidden question for points. Positions included: Nothing I do matters / I do what I can — isn’t that enough? / I am a net zero paragon / I like warm weather / The market will fix it. THEN, if they chose, the spun the wheel and assumed an assigned position and answered another question. If they answered 3 questions, they “won” a poster.