Desert FeelZ


Risograph printed book, 96 pages.
Published by the Desert Humanities Initiative, Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University

Editors: Ron Broglio and Marina Zurkow
Drawings: Marina Zurkow
Contributors: Riley Andrade, Matt Bell, Ron Broglio, Matthew Chew, Jeffrey Cohen, Kelli Larson, Sharon Suzuki-Martinez, Cora McHugh, Kevin McHugh, A.J. Nocek, Jane Rodgers, Rashad Shabazz, Matthew Toro, Julian Yates, Marina Zurkow

Commissioned by the Desert Humanities Initiative, Arizona State University

Desert Humanities (link)

This contemplative field guide is “designed to help orient you to the desert, like yoga poses for being with the land.” A collection of short essays and accompanying drawings organized by verb pair prompts designed by the editors (Broglio and Zurkow) such as PERISH/FLOURISH, RUN/STOP, HIDE/EXPOSE. Contributors include artists, geographers, scientists, poets and fiction writers, philosophers, and historians.