Wet Logic (bitforms gallery)


Custom software, wall drawings, silkscreen prints, toilet, recycled nurdles, fishbowl fountain

A two-person show with Sarah Rothberg
Documentation: Emile Askey

bitforms gallery (link)

Wet Logic, a collaborative exhibition by Marina Zurkow and Sarah Rothberg, presents a model of the world organized according to a wet, oceanic ideology rather than a dry, land-based paradigm. This is a world that manifests the circuitous nature of time, the enmeshment of humans to the planet, and the shifting boundaries of earthly spaces. Rothberg and Zurkow present a series of systems that further human connection to oceans by way of action and imagination.

In contrast to the wet logic of the main exhibition, the front of the gallery exists in geologic time. Geological strata can make it seem as if our impact on the earth exists in a compact layer, fixed with a linear history. In this area, Toilet Joke I, a collaborative work by both artists, overflows with reground and pelletized plastic, unable to flush away more waste. An old phone plays a video of waves: the ocean virtualized. In Study for Toilet Joke II, positioned at the back of the gallery, the water in the fishbowl is physical. Where a fishbowl normally acts as a reminder of oceanic life in the dry world, Zurkow and Rothberg position it as a microcosm of the churning plastic, suspended in an infinite flush.