October 24, 2010

Eating your Enemy in NYC

Canada goose eating wild grass, by FlashyWings
From a Oct 22 NYT Article on proper killing and cooking of Canada Geese: Don’t Landfill That Goose. Braise It.

The key to delicious Canada goose, Jackson Landers says, begins at the moment of death. “When people taste a Canada goose and say ‘this is terrible,’ ” Mr. Landers said, “usually when you track down the history of how the animal was taken and butchered, you might have an animal that’s gut shot and left to sit for a few hours in the back of a truck. If you handled a cow or a domestic chicken the way that a lot of hunters handle their meat, it would taste gamy and vile as well.” Mr. Landers, a hunting instructor and locavore activist based in Virginia, knows whereof he speaks. He has written a book on deer hunting and is working on a second book, and, he hopes, a reality television show (see trailer below), called “Eating Aliens,” about eating invasive species. …With the help of a Brooklyn chef, Leighton Edmondson, Mr. Landers will cook and serve the geese — paired with New York State wines, of course — at a two-hour workshop under the auspices of Slow Food NYC. …“If someone’s going to eat meat,” Mr. Landers said, “that’s at least better than putting an animal in a dark cage for its entire life indoors, cutting off its beak, pumping it full of steroids and then killing it.”

Jackson Landers’s workshop, “The Locavore Hunter — Geese Gone Wild!” is Saturday, Oct. 30, from noon to 2:30 p.m. at Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center, 540 President Street, Suite 2A, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Tickets are $35 for nonmembers of Slow Food NYC and $25 for members, available from Brown Paper Tickets.

(video via Michael Galinsky) (thanks to Mary Ann Newman for sending article)