October 28, 2010

Texas Brainstorm

Call for information:

I am planning a residency in partnership with Diverseworks in Houston, Texas for two weeks in 2011. I’ll be gathering research and conversation on a rather open-ended inquiry into
depleted oil fields,
pump jacks,
picturesque big and small oil operations,
migratory flyways,
invasive species,
effects of climate change,
what might spring to mind as elements of local ecosystems, intersections of nature/culture, what makes Texas Texas.

The more these things overlap in real space, the better but right now I am keeping this open.
Visual stunners welcome 🙂
Non-sequitors also welcome.

*Also, any movie references that feature classic “oil” landscapes would be appreciated –

The ultimate results of this research will be an animated landscape installation as part of the Mesocosm series (here’s the first one  based on Northern England) and hopefully a participatory art project.

Please post comments here.
Thanks so much!