Soupy, Salty, Sonic!


Food, ASMR, mixer and speakers, lighting, slide show

Led by Hank and Bean
Sound: Yotam Mann and Sarah Rothberg
Thanks to Sunview luncheonette and Dylan Gauthier

Presented at Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY

Soupy Salty Sonic, an edible exploration of fluid ocean spaces was a beta dinner conceived by LA chef duo Hank and Bean, and led by Anna Rose Hopkins. It was an aural/oral experiment in conjunction with the exhibition “Wet Logic” at bitforms gallery. Two seatings held on one evening embraced a sea-plant-centric meal accompanied by ASMR. Oceanic pop music, messages in a bottle, and playful takes on endangered ocean animal food sources entangled with orally produced sonic experiments intended to amp up the ocean feels.