Research Blog | May 11, 2010

My cousin Pejk Malinowski sent me this poem last night by Robert Creeley. I am smitten. Love The thing comes of itself (Look up to see the cat & the squirrel, the one torn, a red thing, & the other somehow immaculate) – Robert Creeley


saviours vow to keep the red flag flying

Research Blog | December 18, 2009

Published Date: 09 November 2005 By Grant Woodward Premium Article ! To read this article in full you must have registered and have a Premium Content Subscription with the n/a site. Subscribe Registered Article ! To read this article in full you must be registered with the site. Sign In Register ITS flame red coat…


forum comments on UK squirrel immigrants

Research Blog | December 2, 2009

Credit crunch dining Rename grey squirrel meat as ‘spruce venison’ and watch it fly off the shelves at Waitrose. so I dunno. Bloody immigrants – come over here, climb our trees, grab our nuts…. Armstrong and Miller Kill them. Kill them all. None of the mamby pamby stuff…. Grey squirrels are non-indigenous vermin that also…


Ninja Squirrel Attacks Dog to Defend her Kitten

Research Blog | December 2, 2009

From the UK Metro. I love the Related Tags: squirrel dog tree supermum mother


a rap version of Wordsworth

Research Blog | September 30, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post this – I think maybe I was initially horrified but my standards are slipping. Wordsworth was inspired to write Daffodils by the glorious flowers on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District. A Cumbria Tourism spokesman said: “Wordsworth’s Daffodils poem has remained unchanged for 200 years and to keep…


REd vs Grey update

Research Blog | September 26, 2009

Local papers in Northumberland report today that Thousands of culled grey squirrels later, the invader’s advance into remaining red squirrel territory is still relentless. CHILLING killing figures emerge from a new study of the effectiveness of measures in the North of England to halt the spread of the grey squirrel and the decline of the…


Squirrel Ninja Training

Research Blog | August 29, 2009

thanks Nancy / wecanok!


Drawing VI (REd vs Greys)

Research Blog | July 18, 2009

Veni vidi vici (crest II sketch)

Research Blog | July 13, 2009

Schematic/crest of 3 shields of the Grey Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris). Originally imported from America to Great Britain ca. 1840 as a living lawn ornament. On left, the nationalist  imperative that the Greys should now be exterminated; on right; deforestation in part to supply the Briitsh Royal Navy with timber historically contributed to the near-vanquished Red…


Drawing V (study for a taxidermy arrangement)

Research Blog | July 7, 2009

Working on a plan to make a taxidermy sculpture, if I can get Paul Parker to give me all his bullet-ridden Grey culls. They’ll be put to good use, employ one of my favorite taxidermists, and look something like zombies from Shaun of the Dead. (The Red will be old fare, nothing newly killed unless…


Drawing IV (sketch for a taxidermy arrangement)

Research Blog | June 27, 2009

Drawings III (reds)

Research Blog | June 25, 2009

Nutkin’s Last stand, a film

Research Blog | June 24, 2009

A US filmmaker, Nicholas Berger, made an 18 min doc in 2008 looking at the red vs grey issue, and came out for the reds. I have yet to see the film, but I’m happy someone made it and blurred any nationalist allegiances.


Drawings II (the friend feeder I)

Research Blog | June 22, 2009

“The Friend Feeder I” a.k.a. British Birds. After Lucien Freud’s Leigh Bowery. Sketch for a life-sized wildlife feeder.


Propping up the species

Research Blog | June 21, 2009

The red squirrel needs our help. And so local school children near Greenhough responded,  raising the money to build a  rope bridge to help squirrels cross the road — a rare stretch of two-lane road near Kielder (as opposed to single track) on which reds were getting flattened. I couldn’t find any online local news…


Squirrel tourism

Research Blog | June 18, 2009

My first red squirrel today – actually 2 of them. Not a hard find- there is a very nice, very fancy, very comfortable, and very well-stocked wildlife hide set up in Kielder Water, at Leaplish. It’s rather National Geographic- except with no effort to conceal the lure of an arsenal of feeding stations, in all…


Drawings I

Research Blog | June 15, 2009

A grey defends his rights in britain

Research Blog | June 14, 2009

There aren’t many sites in defense of the grey squirrel. Here’s one written in the first person, with some good arguments on defining “nativeness:” “NATIVE BY BIRTH – CONDEMNED BY ORIGIN” Key points at a glance 1. “Nativeness” is based on political boundaries rather than sensible concepts of the range of a species, or…


Kania – humane squirrel kill trap?

Research Blog | June 14, 2009

Looks like lynching. More info on trap methods here.