A Fracking Method With Fewer Water Woes? – NYTimes.com

Research Blog | November 9, 2011

Still awaiting a patent in the U.S., the technique has been used about 1,000 times since 2008, mainly in gas wells in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick and a smaller handful of test wells in states that include Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico, said GasFrac Chief Technology Officer…


Talisman Terry the Frackosaurus

Research Blog | July 20, 2011

Talisman Terry. Thanks, Diane Barber.


Study Says Fluids From Hydraulic Fracturing Killed Trees

Research Blog | July 13, 2011

(My emphasis added to the last line of the excerpt.) A study that argues for more research into the safe disposal of chemical-laced wastewater resulting from natural gas drilling found that a patch of national forest in West Virginia suffered quick and serious loss of vegetation after it was sprayed with hydraulic fracturing fluids. The…