4 methods

I am trying to clean out my email inbox. fun.

but i came across a note from Greg Borenstein, about a blog post he’d made on a talk by Graham Harman

and I’d transcribed  Harman’s “four methods for reversing common errors in failing to see objects,” and it’s worth highlighting here, albeit sloppily –

A way to test things:

A. Counter-factualize: New context, absurd transposition

B. Hyperbolize: If one were king of the universe, where would I need help?

C. Pseudo Objectify: Can you use it as a model, emulate or parody it? Style or front *is* the whole; forget about its pieces

D. Falsification: Can you disassemble the object, “reduce it to a set?” remove the parts from ay unifying whole. Falsify or trouble  the whole, accidents do this well

“I’m not seeing enough evidence of people allowing their political positions to be falsified.”