More&More (bitforms gallery)

Custom animated software in custom steel powder-coated housing, sculptures, shelving, crates, bathing suits, website, books

Production: Sarah Rothberg
Bathing suit/web site collaborators: Sarah Rothberg, Surya Mattu
Software: Sam Brenner
Web development: Neil Cline
Studio assistance: Ariana Martinez

Commissioned in part by Borusan Contemporary
This work is part of the project:

The ocean makes up 71 percent of our planet’s surface. So, how is it that we know more about Mars than the marine environments of Earth? As impenetrable as the deep oceans are to humans, we imperviously live in a black box of international shipping, reducing the ocean to a surface rather than an environmental…


Making the Best of It: Dandelion


Dandelion leaves, flowers, tincture, custom structures, costumes, tour guides, umbrellas, meadow

In collaboration with Valentine Cadieux, Sarah Petersen, Aaron Marx
All images courtesy Dan Marshall

Commissioned by Northern and presented as part of Northern Spark, Climate Chaos | Climate Rising, 2016-2017, with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Knight Foundation
This work is part of the project:

Over the course of 16 months in Minneapolis, geographer and social practice artist Valentine Cadieux and Marina Zurkow, with a group of collaborators and participants, explored what it might mean to “make the best of it” (“it” being climate change), using dandelions to think through eating differently, nimbly, with sadness, resilience and even joy.




Silkscreen on found/used cardboard with rubber stamping
Edition of 3
Additionally unique, SP collages on silkscreen

Accretions is a series of silkscreens on repurposed packaging cardboard. These works describe agglomerations of consumer goods: the result of what is bought, shipped globally, and discarded over time. 


Making the Best of It Jellyfish (Houston)


Custom Cannonball jellyfish soup powder, caramels, snack puffs

Food prototypes by chefs Ryan Pera (Coltivare), and Justin Yu and Ian Levy (Oxheart)

Supported by CENHS (the Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences) at Rice University

This work is part of the project:

Making the Best of It is the umbrella concept for a series of regional site-specific pop-up food shacks, installations, carts, tea houses, delivery drones, and designed community dinners that feature edible climate-change enabled, and often not normally eaten, indicator species as part of the menu.


Dear Climate

2014 – ongoing

posters, sound, installations

Core Collaborators: Una Chaudhuri, Fritz Ertl, Oliver Kellhammer, Marina Zurkow
Web Development: Pat Shiu
Sound Design: Pejk Malinovski
Typography: Nancy Nowacek
Voice Overs: Eliza Foss, Seth Kanor, Jane Cramer

Supported by NYU Visual Arts Initiative Awards
This work is part of the project:

Dear Climate is exploring new modes of address through the creation of a collection of ”inner climate” tools. These tools—posters, audio meditations and letters—are designed to nudge participants toward new relations with the greater-than-human world. The free, downloadable posters use the language of agitprop and a “fast read” to create a jolt of relational suggestion. Alternately,…


Pussy Weevil


9” x 8” X 16.5” custom metal housing, Mini-ITX PC, High res 6.4” monitor, Sensor interface, 120V power surge box, Speakers
Edition of 5, signed on mounted interior plaque

Pussy Weevil is a screen-based installation of an individual software persona, a 2D animated character, who reacts to the viewer’s distance or proximity.


All About Logistics

This work is part of the project:

Surya Mattu, Sarah Rothberg, and I had a Process Space residency through LMCC on Governor’s Island. We spent a few months traveling by boat(s) to meet, study, and discuss logistics. We took Matthew Sparke’s free online class on Globalization and Personal Impacts, and read Deborah Cowan’s The Deadly Life of Logistics. We participated in Open…